Adapt It version 6.9.4 release 9 May 2019

Feature changes and new features in the 6.9.4 release

This release provides updates for the new usability feature to Adapt It that was introduced in version 6.9.0 – the Choose Translation drop down list. This release corrects additional rough edges and non-ideal interface characteristics that were found in versions 6.9.1 through 6.9.3. Those issues were eliminated and other enhancements made available in the current update 6.9.4.

Adapt It has a Choose Translation drop down list that automatically pops open when the phrasebox stops at a location where more than one translation is available from the knowledge base. This feature makes it easy and efficient to select a translation equivalent. The advantage of the drop down list is that selecting a translation equivalent can be done more directly, without having to interact with the modal Choose Translation dialog. The legacy Choose Translation dialog is still available by pressing its icon on the tool bar or by using the F8 or Ctrl+L hot keys. Here is a screen shot of how the new feature appears when the phrasebox lands at a location that has multiple possible translations which are listed in a drop down list in the target text line:

Below is a screen shot of how the new feature appears when the phrasebox lands at a location that does not yet have any translations and the source text is just copied into the phrasebox and selected (notice the phrasebox simply has a rose pink X instead of a drop down button):

  • Many dialogs have been tweaked to have a better arrangement and alignment of the OK and Cancel buttons, as well as better margin settings between the dialog elements and the dialog frame. Some dialogs, the Edit Source Text dialog, for example, have been simplified by moving the dialog’s comments to a separate “Help…” button.
  • The consistency change functionality has been enhanced, so as to be accessible while collaborating with Paratext or Bibledit. Whether for a single Adapt It document, or a set of documents.

Bug fixes in the 6.9.4 release

  • Fixed problems with removing entries from the drop down list.
  • Fixed the Add button in the Knowledge Base Editor. If an upper case word or phrase was entered, when auto-capitalizing was turned on, it went into the translations list as upper case. It should have gone into the list as lower-case. It now does.
  • Fixed problems with Consistency Check. If the user edited the KB to delete entries and add others, the new entries were not making it into the document. New the relevant dialog appears and the user can make the appropriate choice of adaptation.
  • Fixed a problem where a translated meaning would “drop out” of the layout unexpectedly for no apparent reason.
  • Fixed a scrolling bug in the Windows build in which Microsoft’s list object would sometimes scroll the screen up a little when the user was selecting in the drop down list, resulting in the wrong list item being selected.

Windows and Macintosh version downloads are available at:

Linux version 6.9.4 Debian packages are available in i386 and amd64 architectures for Ubuntu Trusty, Xenial, Bionic, Cosmic and Disco. There are instructions on how to configure your Linux system to gain access to the SIL repository at:

For Ubuntu Linux, basically you need to download and install the repository’s public key on your machine, and then set up your Software Sources with one of the following settings depending on your Linux distribution:

deb trusty main or
deb xenial main or
deb bionic main or
deb cosmic main
deb disco main

The Ubuntu Cosmic and Disco distributions only have short term support from Canonical. The Trusty, Xenial, and Bionic distributions are long term service (LTS) distributions which Canonical will support with bug and security fixes for 5 years from their initial release.

If you are using Wasta Linux (14.04, 16.04, or 18.04) the software sources for installing and updating Linux software from the repository are already configured, so you can find the latest version of Adapt It in the Software Updater or the Synaptic Package Manager.

Important Note: Installing version 6.9.4 will automatically replace any previously installed Adapt It WX (Unicode) version from 4.0.0 through 6.9.3 (but existing project data is never touched when installing updates).

Adapt It WX is the open source, cross-platform version of Adapt It that is based on the wxWidgets framework (hence the WX in the name).

Please direct bug reports or feedback on the new version to the Adapt It team. On the Adapt It Help menu you can easily send a Problem Report or a Feedback Report directly from within Adapt It (over a secure connection) – see the Help menu. If you cannot use the Help menu’s email reporting functions, you can send a Problem Report or Feedback Report to the Adapt It team using the following email address:

Alternately, you can send an email to one or more of the following team members via their individual email addresses:

Bill Martin      – 
Bruce Waters     –
Erik Brommers    –
Graeme Costin    – (focus on MacOSX)
Kevin Bradford   –
Michael Hore     –
Bob Buss         – (focus on HTML Help system)
Jonathan Marsden –
Adapt It 6.9.4 now available