Note: this article originally appeared in May 2013

Starting with Adapt It 6.4.2, users can specify the size and buttons displayed on the toolbar. These items are controlled via the Toolbar tab on Adapt It’s Preferences dialog:

This dialog has the following controls:

  • Toolbar Buttons list – this list allows you to select and deselect the toolbar buttons that will be displayed on the toolbar. Items that are selected with a check will display.
  • Icon Size – this radio button control allows you to select a small, medium or large size for the toolbar buttons. Here is an example of the resulting sizes:
    (default size)
    (used on OLPC XO)
  • Display – this dropdown allows you to specify either just an icon (the default) OR an icon with a descriptive text label below it.
  • Minimal Icon Set and Default Settings buttons – these buttons allow you to quickly set the displayed toolbar icons to a minimal set or to the list of icons that are displayed by default in Adapt It. The minimal set of icons is shown in the following example:

Note that this toolbar preferences tab can be controlled by the User Workflow Profiles, so an administrator can set the toolbar to the appropriate settings and lock it down for a novice user if desired.

Customizing the Toolbar