Latest Stable Release (6.11.1)

Release Date: June 2024


NOTE: Adapt It requires Git for document version control (“document histories”). Adapt It’s installer for Windows verifies that Git is installed, and offers you the option of downloading and running the installer (the download size is around 36MB). If you choose to install Git on your own, download and install Git (32-bit version) BEFORE installing Adapt It from this link: Accept the default values if you choose to do this.

(Windows 7, 8, 10)



  • Adapt It requires Git for document version control. Macintosh users should download and install Git (from this link: before installing Adapt It.

(Intel / Apple Silicon, OS X 10.12.x and up)


Linux versions are available through the Synaptic Package Manager – click here for instructions:

Linux debian packages are also available for download and manual installation from this page of this website.

Other Versions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? A full listing of installation packages, including minimal installations, can be found here: full installation list

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