Adapt It Mobile release 1.3.0 available for download

(This post was originally published in September 2020)

The Adapt It development team is pleased to announce the release of Adapt It Mobile 1.3.0 for Android and iOS, available today through the Google Play store and Apple Store, as well as directly through our developer page (for those who want to side-load Adapt It Mobile on their Android device).

Download links:

What’s new in Adapt It Mobile 1.3.0

Import and Export Knowledge Base Files

Adapt It Mobile now supports importing and exporting translation memory files for your current project. Currently supported formats include Adapt It desktop’s XML format and the translation industry standard TMX format ( *

Show Translations Screen

Adapt It Mobile has a new screen for viewing and editing the available translations for a source phrase. This screen allows you to see each available translation, and the relative frequency of use. You can also edit the spelling of a translation, select a translation for the current source, remove it (so that it does not appear in the translations drop-down menu while adapting), or restore it (so that it does appear).

Search for a Translation in the Project’s Documents

Adapt It Mobile now allows you to search within the project’s imported documents for instances of a selected translation. This can either be done by selecting a translation in the Show Translations… screen, or selecting a translated phrase while adapting and selecting the Show Translations… menu item. When searching, Adapt It Mobile displays a search bar with the number of occurrances, as well as Previous and Next buttons. This search bar can be closed at any time.

Bug Fixes and Various Enhancements

  • Adapt It Mobile has a new menu item on the Adaptation screen toolbar (issue #412). The More Actions menu contains the following menu items: 
    • Show Translations…
    • Find in Documents…
    • Show / Hide Preview
    • Help
  • Added support for the latest Android and Apple devices (issue #401, #406).
  • Improved usability on the Source and Target Language project settings screens for smaller devices (issue #400, #398).
  • Added support for clipboard import of USFM / USX / XML formatted text (issue #399).
  • OK button in Edit Project screens now returns to the project overview page (issue #394).

These issues can be found in our issue tracker.


  • Adapt It Mobile’s implementation of the TMX format is not intended for “round-tripping” data. The TMX format contains data not relevant to a single source-target pair adaptation, which is ignored by Adapt It Mobile when importing.
  • Minimum system requirements are updated for Adapt It Mobile 1.3. AIM now requires a tablet or phone running Apple’s iOS 11 or later, or Android 5.1 or later. (This obsoletes issues #149, #237.)

Known Issues

  • Adapt It Mobile currently only supports a single translation project. Support for multiple translation projects will be implemented in a future release of Adapt It Mobile (issues #100, #358, #359)

Please refer to the Adapt It Mobile Wiki site for instructions on installing. Issues and enhancement requests can be reported through our issues page

Adapt It Mobile v. 1.3.0 available