Note: this article was originally posted in January 2015

  1. Open your web browser, type in and hit Enter key
  2. When the website is visible, click the Download tab
  3. Near the top of the Download page, click the blue link just below the word Windows on the left. When asked whether to Run or Save, take the Save option.
  4. The download now takes place. It will put the Adapt_It_WX_6_8_1_Unicode.exe file, for example, which is the installer file for version 6.8.1, in your Downloads folder automatically. When the download completes, click the Open Folder button so that you can see the file in the Downloads folder.
  5. Double-click the newly downloaded installer file.
  6. The installer window opens, respond to the installer’s questions, take the suggested options, and when at the end you see the checkboxes for create a desktop icon and something else (I forgot what) remove the tick from them both if this is not your first install of Adapt It – because you already have what they provide; otherwise you should probably leave them ticked. Click Next, and you will see an option to Launch immediately – it doesn’t matter whether you do or don’t. If you don’t, just Finish the installer, and open Adapt It by clicking on your desktop Adapt It launcher icon, or taskbar Adapt It icon, or use the All Programs menu to find the Adapt It group and open it from there.
  7. You should now verify that the new version was installed correctly. Read the blog item:
    Verify That The New Version Installed Correctly“.
Downloading and Installing Adapt It for Windows