Feature changes in 6.10.3

  • The Find and Find & Replace functions have undergone extensive revisions, and the options for a “Special Search” now work more as expected. The Find and Find & Replace dialog’s settings previously could get lost when a user momentarily clicked into the main window to do some edits, then later returned to the Find or Find & Replace dialog. The settings from earlier use of those dialogs are now preserved during the current session. The previous unhelpful behavior has been fixed.
  • Users may notice that some menu items related to knowledge base sharing and KB server have been added to the Advanced and Administrator menus, however, those items are not yet functional. They will be functional in an upcoming version 7.0.0 release.
  • Adapt It 6.10.3 for Macintosh now supports both Apple silicon (e.g., Apple’s M1 chip) and Intel hardware.

Bug Fixes in the 6.10.3 update

  • The update handler for the two placeholder insertion buttons had coding errors which made it disable the buttons at times when they should have been enabled. This is now fixed.
  • A bug that could result in a crash at startup in the Linux version running on Wasta 20.04.2 has been fixed. This fix for Linux was released as version 6.10.2 and is now incorporated in version 6.10.3 (for Wasta Linux Focal only).
  • Some unhelpful debug error messages about not being able to change the working directory, have been eliminated.

Adapt It 6.10.3 update now available