Feature changes in version 6.10.4 (17 August 2021 release):

The Windows installers have undergone revision to correct some problematic behavior that prevented users from being able to download and install the Git program during the installation of Adapt It. A newer version of Git (2.32.0) is now downloaded by the Adapt It installer. Adapt It users who have an older version of the Git program can also more easily update their Git version to the newer version during installation, or after installation from the Tools menu.

The Help menu’s email reporting of Problem Reports and/or Feedback Reports has been somewhat simplified. All email reports are now sent only to the user’s default email program, where the user can edit the reports and/or attach documents or the user log file if desired. The email reports can also be previewed before sending them to the user’s email program while still within the Help menu’s report creation dialog.

Additional unhelpful debug error messages about not being able to change the working directory have also been eliminated.

Adapt It 6.10.4 update now available