Feature changes in 6.10.5

  • Adapt It now implements an Auto Correct feature that works similarly to the same feature that is available in Paratext 8/9. Auto Correct is available for target text editing within Adapt It when a properly formed autocorrect.txt file is located within Adapt It’s project folder. The structure of the autocorrect.txt file is described in the Paratext documentation at: https://paratext.org/2018/10/03/using-autocorrect/. If an Adapt It project is configured by an Administrator to collaborate with Paratext, Adapt It will detect if the Paratext project that is configured to be used as target text for Adapt It, has an autocorrect.txt file within that Paratext project, and will ask the Administrator if the Paratext project’s autocorrect.txt file should be copied over to the Adapt It project. The Auto Correct feature should work the same way within Adapt It as it does within Paratext. If Adapt It detects an autocorrect.txt file when an Adapt It project is selected, and an Adapt It document is opened within that project, a check box labeled “Use Auto Correct” will appear in Adapt It’s control bar up below the tool bar. The check box is hidden if no autocorrect.txt file is available for the project associated with the open document. The check box always starts with a tick in the check box assuming Auto Correct should apply during the editing of target language text anywhere within Adapt It (including dialogs that have edit boxes expecting target text). Auto Correct will automatically be available when opening a document for a project that has the autocorrect.txt file in Adapt It’s folder for that project. The user can temporarily suspend the Auto Correct feature by simply removing the tick from the check box, and re-instate Auto Correct again by ticking the check box again.
  • Updated the language codes file iso639-3codes.txt with latest data from the IANA registry at: https://www.iana.org/assignments/language-subtag-registry/language-subtag-registry

Bug Fixes in the 6.10.5 update

  • Adapt It now does a better job of sizing the phrasebox dynamically as the user types text into the phrasebox. It also does a better job of maintaining a proper gap between the interlinear groups of words (piles) that compose each line of text in its main window.
  • Eliminated a nuisance message that can appear at launch of Adapt It after installing Paratext, that says the program could not load the ECDriver.dll dynamic library file, and that it needs to be updated. This annoying message has now been eliminated.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the insertion of a placeholder AFTER a source word or phrase location if the source word was the last word/phrase at the end of a line/strip of text.
  • If an Administrator sets up a custom work folder for Adapt It work, a bug can surface that prevents the process from succeeding and/or results in confusing error message(s). Also a number of .dat files related to the forthcoming KB sharing can be written to the work folder location. This problem has been fixed.
  • Eliminated a nuisance message when shutting down Adapt It after an Administrator sets up a custom work folder, but does not actually creates a project within that new work folder before shutting down the application.
  • Fixed a bug on the Mac OSX version that prevented the loading of the boost library (for GUID generation) on that platform.
Adapt It 6.10.5 update now available