The Adapt It development team is pleased to announce the release of Adapt It Mobile 1.9.0, available today through the Google Play store and Apple Store. Download the latest version for Android or iOS here:

What’s new in Adapt It Mobile 1.9.0

This release provides support for glossing and free translation editor modes:

Gloss editor mode
The gloss editor mode allows you to either create linguistic glosses of the source text for language research / documentation, or to create a literal interlinear gloss or back translation into a third language.

Free translation editor mode
The free translation editor allows you to create an idiomatic translation of the target text in order to test the translation’s accuracy and readability.

Bug Fixes and Various Enhancements

  • Adapt It Mobile now overrides the auto-caps behavior on Android / iOS (#102).
  • Added several status and robustness improvements to document import (#479).
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to delete single-chapter documents (#483).
More information can be found in our issue tracker.

Please refer to the Adapt It Mobile user site for instructions on installing. Issues and enhancement requests can be reported through our issues page. Thanks!

Adapt It Mobile 1.9.0 available for Android, iOS