The Adapt It development team is pleased to announce the release of Adapt It Mobile 1.7.0 for Android and iOS, available today through the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

iOS App Store

Android / Google Play Store

Android / APK for sideloading

What’s new in Adapt It Mobile 1.7.0

Restore or Merge Knowledge Base from file

You can now restore the translation memory (Knowledge Base) from either an Adapt It desktop .xml Knowledge Base File or from a Translation Memory Exchange (.tmx) file. You can also import Knowledge Base content from the clipboard in either .tmx or .xml format.

Bug Fixes and Various Enhancements

Fixed an issue where Adapt It Mobile would not give the option of continuing to the next chapter in a document when finished with the current chapter (Issue #462).

Fixed an issue where clipboard translation memory content was being imported as a text document, rather than as Knowledge Base content. (Issue #470)

For more information, please refer to our issue tracker:

Known Issues

Adapt It Mobile does not currently support collaboration with other translation clients (e.g., with Paratext or other Adapt It Mobile machines). To process documents in other editors, you must export them and import them in the desired editor. Adapt It Mobile will support collaboration in a future release (issues #8, #11, #59).

Please refer to the Adapt It Mobile user site ( for instructions on installing. To report an issue or suggest an enhancement requests, please refer to our [issues page]( 

Adapt It Mobile 1.7.0 Available for Download